Our Fees

Here you’ll find information about the planning process, our fees for each stage and all the steps that need to be taken with examples of each stage
step one

Existing house survey

Once you have booked in the survey, I would visit the house and spend approx. 1 hour taking measurements and photos of the existing house. I will need access to all rooms and the garden. I will then use this information to draw the existing plans and 3d model
  • £250 terraced house
  • £350 semi-detached house
  • £450 detached house
step two


Design drawings and 3d views are created of the proposed extensions. Often more than one option is produced for your consideration.

  • £650 single storey extension
  • £750 double storey extension
  • Fee for multiple extension projects to be agreed
step three

Planning Application or LDC

Once you are happy with the design proposal, the drawings are then finalised and submitted to the council for planning approval or if the work can be carried out using permitted development rights, then the drawings are submitted to the council for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC).

  • £250 LDC drawings
  • £350 planning application drawings
step four

Building Regulations Application

Following planning approval from the council, more detailed drawings are produced that will be used by the builder to construct the extension. A structural engineer may also be required at this stage to provide structural calculations for steel beams etc. This information is then submitted to the council for checking and approval
  • £650 single storey extension
  • £750 double storey extension
  • Fee for multiple extension projects to be agreed

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