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We are house extension design and planning specialists, if you are considering a house extension in Nantwich we can help bring your dreams to life with our simple guided process

Planning a house extension in Nantwich

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House Extensions Nantwich: The Process


Is your home suitable?

After booking in for a survey, I’ll come and inspect your house to take measurements and photos before continuing with planning your house extension. Access to your property and garden is needed. 


We'll show you what it'll look like.

Next, I’ll draw up sketches and create a 3d model of your new house extension. It’ll show you how it’ll look and how much space is left. More than one option may be produced at this point if you’re not happy.


Asking for approval.

Once you’re completely satisfied with the sketches, I’ll submit them to the council for planning permission, or if it can be carried out using permitted development rights, I’ll submit them to the council for a Lawful Development Certificate.

Building Regs

Getting ready for the builders

Once I’ve received planning approval, our final step would be to produce more detailed drawings that can be used by the builders to construct your extension. Depending on the materials used, a structural engineer may be required.

House Extensions Nantwich: Your Local House Extension Expert

We provide our house extension architecture services in and around Nantwich. 

House Extensions Nantwich: The FAQs

The time it takes to build an extension varies form project to project. If the work involves disrupting the existing house (such as moving the existing kitchen) then it’ll take the builders longer than a simple single storey extension.

Certain types of house extensions in Nantwich can be built using the properties permitted development rights. If your house can’t be extended under permitted development rights, a planning application might be required.

In terms of timescales, I could survey your property within 1 week and get the initial sketch drawings to you within 3-4 weeks of the survey date. A planning application or LDC application could then be submitted in the following weeks. The council take 12 weeks for planning applications, and take 8 weeks for building regulations applications. I normally advise clients that we will need approx. 5 – 6 months to work through survey/sketch/planning/building regulations stages.

If you are considering carrying out certain types of building works that involve the party wall or a building up to a boundary then you will need to give notice to the adjoining owner. The following party wall act document link outlines when notice is required and what action homeowners need to take.

House Extensions Nantwich: The Reasons

Making More Room

Increasing living space.

One of the most obvious reasons to get your house extended is to make more room. This could be to accommodate for your growing family, having to look after a sick or elderly relative or just simply needing more space for your possessions.

Increasing Property Value

In case you ever want to sell.

It’s definitely worth noting that extending your home in Holmes Chapel can and will increase the value of your property, if selling up is something you might be considering in future. 

Avoiding Moving

Avoid the hassle.

With our house extension service, you can completely avoid the hassle of moving all together. If your current home no longer suits your needs then you should consider expanding before jumping into selling your house and buying a new one. 

Designed To Your Specs

Just for you.

All of the house extensions we’ve designed are tailored to our clients specifications and requirements. It’s important to choose a company that takes your thoughts into consideration. 

House Extensions Nantwich: The Gallery

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